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Chemical Peels

If you’ve ever wished you could peel the signs of aging away, a chemical peel is a great option that will diminish the signs of aging from the face, hands, neck or chest area. The treatment can also minimize the sign of scars and skin discoloration issues. Whether you choose the chemical treatment for diminishing the signs of aging or treating skin conditions, you will see stunning results revealed. We use Vipeel and Revepeel brands.

What is a Chemical Peel vs. a Deep Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels, such as VI Peel, can clarify skin, balance out the skin tone, and improve its texture. Peels help clear your skin by removing the first layer of dull skin. After your chemical peel, the skin underneath is smoother and looks more youthful. RevePeel is a deeper chemical peel that targets deep wrinkles and hard-to-treat facial skin issues.


A deep chemical peel produces longer-lasting results with the trade-off of a longer downtime. The result is amazing and well worth the wait.It improves uneven skin, elasticity, and thin skin. It can remove years of damage in one chemical peel treatment.

What Do VI Peel and RevePeel Treat?

VI Peel uses TCA for collagen growth, Retin-A for softening wrinkles, and salicylic acid for anti-inflammatory protection. RevePeel, a deeper chemical peel, has TCA, salicylic acid, lactic acid, phenol, and croton oil.

VI Peel and RevePeel can also treat these conditions:

- Fine wrinkles
- Deep wrinkles
- Fine lines
- Acne-prone skin
- Acne scars
- Skin texture