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What is AviClear®

AviClear is an FDA-approved laser that treats mild to severe acne by targeting the source of the oily substance on your skin without the use of topical or oral acne medications. This is a unique laser technology because of the wavelength it uses, which selectively targets the oil glands (sebaceous glands) in the skin.

What to expect?

During your appointment, one of our board-certified dermatologists and experienced providers will cleanse your skin before applying the laser directly to the acne-affected areas. You may feel a slight warming sensation as the laser works to target the oil glands.

There is no numbing (i.e. anesthetic) required as the laser is equipped with a special skin cooling to minimize discomfort.


You generally start seeing results a few weeks after the third treatment. Each session only lasts about 30-45 minutes. After these initial treatments, many patients have reported a substantial improvement in the quality of their skin for up to two years later.

It takes a little patience for results to shine through, and it’s also important to keep up with your skin care regimen for the results to work as they should. AviClear is a great option for those who struggle with acne who do not want to take oral medications, or for those who have failed traditional acne treatments.